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Download Stock firmware for this router found on ASUS support site. From the recovery utility with the the tomato/asus firmware, press upload. Вот, пожалуйста, ASUS RT-N13U-B1 Firmware Restoration под Win7. найдено устройств в режиме восстановления, и наверное по другому не может быть, потому что когда mtd -r write firmware.file linux && reboot. Feb 4, 2012 (If you happen to make the router unbootable, retry the Asus recovery procedure with Asus stock firmware.) Last update: 2015-10-10. Linux. Установите tftp клиент Нажмите и удерживайте кнопку RESET, пока переподключаете кабель питания, роутер войдет в режим восстановления. TFTPd Если все хорошо, можно начинать прошивку.

ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated (Asus) manufactures a series of network routers directly Although Asus' factory default firmware is generally more feature-rich than its competitors, Open source Linux-based router firmware projects such as DD-WRT, OpenWrt, Tomato Firmware and DebWRT are able to get better. Feb 23, 2013 Make sure your router is indeed in need of an emergency recovery firmware restore. On the ASUS unit I have, this is indicated by a slowly.

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