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Карту gg cluster bsp на css v34: фз 294 с изменениями 2011 года

Карту gg cluster bsp на css v34

DS : CS:S GunGame v34 Server - Counter Strike Source Server in Russian . Css Banners : Image & HTML Server Banners Поиск gungame gg на серверах CS Source (Counter-Strike: Source) 218, ProGamesZet.ru CSS #01 GunGame DM dust2 24/7 / HLstatsX 828, ZOMBIE ESCAPE RUSSIA v34 Sourceplay.ru,, Offline, 0/40. This means that the filename is 8 characters or less plus the additional 3 characters for the bsp extension. That is also the reason cobble was named cbble.

Ahm. looks like you soemhow converted it from cs 1.6 to CSS. PS: the CSS verson I thought would be this: gamebanana.com/maps/38417.

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